Montag, 1. Oktober 2007

Kennt Ihr den schon?


"How to Bluff A Fish" by T*düüüd* Gr*rrrrrrr*


We had a great Time, watching T*düüüd* playing / coaching NL 1/2+ and a huuuuuuge laugh, when he announces "Kennt Ihr den schon?" [eng: "You know this tricky, aggro, great, supa-styli, mindcrushing expert-move?" (loose translation)] and bluff-check/raises THE TABLE FISH !!!!

...obvious the move went 2 hell. (this time ^^)

... ... ... predictable, u say? noooooort... or... maybe?
let's see, whatz "Vollkaufmann"s position?

Vollkaufmann: "It's 200 u know"

thanks for your attention.

PS T*düüüüd* offers private-coaching! So if u want 2 ... hm... i don't want 2 say "improve your game", but puuuh jeeesus... huh,... how to put that in words -.-
looking 4 an alternative 2 "the cosby show", u should send an e-mail to "".


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