Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2007

18K Gtd - $55 Tourney @ PartyPoker

To make it very short.. teh_"T-Homofürst"_nooooort has persuaded me 2 play teh 55 bucks / 18k grtd tourney... which i rly didnt want 2 play...

I has own3d teh Sh1t. thanks.


some small pot wins, some losses... pretty standard.
building stack, catching some cards and spots of cause, temporary top 5 in chips ( ~80 - 90 left )
up-and-down ... one really bad hand @ 25 players left i think, which killed me almost ^^

-> after this hand, i played very aggro 2 rebuild my stack, which worked very well...

got nice stack, kickin' my opponents ***** Top-2 Deal as CL.
Runner-Up was solid player, so i was fine with 'Chipcount-Deal'.

thx 2 all @ TS 4 support

  • teh_"T-Homofürst"_nooooort [1k swap -> biatch!!!!11111einself2753]
  • tehBackman
  • TMMG
  • JoJo

special-thx 2 M4rco from PushAny2.de


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